Delights Rally Team

Rally car racing is a test of extreme skill, speed and endurance. Delights Kenya Limited decide to join the world’s most exciting motor sport.

Rallying is a sport that’s all about speed, stamina and pure driving skill. A rally race features cars racing against the clock in different stages that could include dirt roads, rivers, hairpin turns and banked jumps. Races can take place in any weather condition or road surface imaginable and can last for hundreds or even thousands of miles over several days. Drivers could find themselves racing through a desert, over a mountain pass on a gravel logging road or on a well-paved piece street. The driving team that has the fastest total time on each of the various stages wins the race. A rally race can take place on just about any kind of driveable terrain so a team must be able to adapt quickly to conditions and think fast.

Technical Specifications

  • Grp N Engine on 33mm Restrictor
  • Dog Box
  • Ralliart Front diff
  • Ralliart rear diff
  • VO Homologated brakes
  • Hyd Handbrake
  • GPN Brake Bias
  • Proflex/ heuvel suspension
  • Ralliart bushing
  • Bag Tank
  • New seats and belts
  • Cage, fully seam welded
  • Fully Guarded underneath
  • With option to upgrade to Sequential box


February 21-22 / KNRC 1 - Kisumu
April 04-05 / KNRC 2 - Safari Rally
May 02-03 / KNRC 3
June 06-07 / KNRC 4 - Mombasa
July 04-05 / KNRC 5 - Eldoret
August 08-09 / KNRC 6
September 05-06 / KNRC 7 - Nakuru
October 24-25 / KNRC 8
November 14 / Clasic Safari Rally 2015